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Since the Syrian civil war broke out in 2011, 11 million Syrians have been displaced, or about half of the entire country. Four million of them have fled across Syria’s borders, and 75% are women and children.

Canada banned Italian immigration in 1929, Jewish immigration in 1933. Neither group was admitted again for the next 15 years. The painful memory of that failure prompted us to accept Hungarian refugees in the 1950s and 50,000 Vietnamese refugees in 1979.

It is possible to resettle large numbers of people in this country.

Refugee Children

So far Canada has managed to admit around 25,000 people from Syria and will accept many more. The government will sponsor 40 for every 60 privately sponsored.

PEC Syria is sponsoring a Syrian Refugee family through the Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge.

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Falafel, yebrat (stuffed grape leaves), namoura (must be tasted to be believed!) ... and much more goodness to sample on Monday. And that's just one table of many! Join Slow Food the County and PEC Syria in a celebration of food and cultural connections, in honour of our dear friend Peter C Fleming. ...

FEAST - Free Food Fest

August 29, 2016, 3:00pm - August 29, 2016, 6:00pm

Benson Park & Picton Town Hall

A celebration of free food for everyone in our community! Join the free food celebration and let's envision and experience - even for a short time - what a better world could be like, one where everyone had equal access to healthy food. Enjoy tasty food samples, pick up groceries at the free food market, check out the cookbook and kitchen tools swap, learn at the pop-up how-to demonstration, join roundtables to talk about kids' lunch ideas or menu planning, take home new recipes, listen for the hourly giveaways, and find out all about the food programs in the County. Plus, we're kicking off the day at 3pm with the Beards, Bikes & Bandshells Tour - a free bicycle-powered concert! Check out :

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The end of soccer camp. A great success as Nawal, Mariam, Anaam and Ahmad happily suffered through the sweltering heat to do what they love - learn and play soccer. Three young, exuberant coaches from England made it all the more enjoyable. Thanks guys! ...

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On Monday, Aug. 29 from 3-7 pm please join us in Benson Park for a FREE FOOD FEAST. Cooking up lots of treats and entertainment for the whole community! Slow Food the County and PEC Syria will co-host a table of yummy Middle Eastern treats, in honour of our dear friend and founding member Peter Fleming. Come have a taste! ...

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Syrian FamiliesThe Al Jasem family enjoying the ‘spring’ County weather. The father of the family, Abdel Malek who is pictured here with other family members, sends this brief message on behalf of all their families:

“We would like to thank all of the people who have helped our family. We are happy to be here and look forward to getting to know the community. The children are very excited to go to school.”